Music I wish I made = Pilotpriest – Body Double

So, I found a song – Body Double. I just couldn’t stop listening to it. I had it on repeat for like an hour. I’m still in chock. This is a masterpiece. It’s everything I wish every song had – building anticipation to the max, a feeling of being in space, traveling through the galaxies, beautiful arpeggios, synth lead melody to punch Bladerunner in the face with… I love it!

Pilotpriest – Body Double

The news


  • The album Signs was released as planned 2014-05-30. Because of my lack of contacts and no money for advertising, very few people have listened to it. Or maybe it’s just because it sucks, I don’t know. It’s quite depressing actually. But I want to thank those few people who stands firm and supports my work anyway! :)
  • I’ve been working on more stuff with Social Ambitions and a new song will be release VERY soon. Keep an eye/ear open!
  • I’ve also started on a new collaboration with Mars TV, which I hope will be finished quite soon.
  • As the picture might suggest I’ve invested in a system camera. Now I only have to find a good lens, which probably cost’s as much as the camera itself. Money, money, money…

This is NOT the artwork! :)

Yesterday I finally forced myself to finish the artwork of the new release. And, well… It’s finished – hooray! 😀 Because I’m waiting for confirmation that everything is in order, you’ll have to wait for the release date just a bit longer…

So instead of showing you the finished result, I give you the artwork that I talked about in my previous post!  The name of the release is also not right in the picture. Here you go:

Journey copy

Stuff that’s been going on

It’s been a while since the last post. News:

1. Family/private stuff.

2. Trying to get my cover ready for the new release, but I feel I really suck at Photoshop. I want something simple but still cool/elegant. Instead it looks like an ABSOLUTE PARTY 1999-album… *sigh* I’ll try to get the new EP out before this summer!

3. I’ve been helpling an awesome swedish band, Social Ambitions, with the production of some new tunes. The first song will be released 15:th of May!

Hopefully I’ll have a release date ready soon…! That’s all for now – take care!