Music I wish I made = Pilotpriest – Body Double

So, I found a song – Body Double. I just couldn’t stop listening to it. I had it on repeat for like an hour. I’m still in chock. This is a masterpiece. It’s everything I wish every song had – building anticipation to the max, a feeling of being in space, traveling through the galaxies, beautiful arpeggios, synth lead melody to punch Bladerunner in the face with… I love it!

Pilotpriest – Body Double

The news


  • The album Signs was released as planned 2014-05-30. Because of my lack of contacts and no money for advertising, very few people have listened to it. Or maybe it’s just because it sucks, I don’t know. It’s quite depressing actually. But I want to thank those few people who stands firm and supports my work anyway! 🙂
  • I’ve been working on more stuff with Social Ambitions and a new song will be release VERY soon. Keep an eye/ear open!
  • I’ve also started on a new collaboration with Mars TV, which I hope will be finished quite soon.
  • As the picture might suggest I’ve invested in a system camera. Now I only have to find a good lens, which probably cost’s as much as the camera itself. Money, money, money…